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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare has been a concern of humans for many thousands of years as animals have always played a significant role in human society. Animals have been used for food, clothing, their labour and our entertainment throughout history and attitudes concerning animal welfare have varies significantly throughout different cultures and periods of time.

In the modern world animal welfare is a hot topic for political debate and many issues concerning animal rights and the treatment of animals are often brought to light in the world of politics. For example, making use of animals for medical and scientific experimentation is often discussed in depth and different people have very strong feelings for and against the use of animals in this way.

There are a number of animal welfare groups such as that campaign against what they perceive to be the inappropriate treatment of animals. Most of the groups rely on peaceful protests and demonstrations; however there are some more hard lines groups that have been made well known due to the press coverage of their actions. For example, the Animal Liberation Front is a highly prolific animal welfare group who have been know for their attacks against people involved in animal experimentation. Many people involved in this line of work, particularly the more high profile individuals have had their person or homes attacked by people involved in hard line animal welfare groups.  There are also a number of political pressure groups who are greatly concerned with animal welfare; they often attempt to bring to light animal rights issues in current affairs.