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Alternatives to Animal Products

Many people who are concerned about animal welfare will often be keen to shun the use of animal products for food and clothing. For example, many animal lovers will opt for a vegetarian lifestyle to avoid making use of products that have been produced at the expense of an animalís welfare. However, if youíre thinking of becoming a vegetarian yourself you may wander how youíll live without meat or indeed other animal products.

However, there are a number of alternatives to animal products that you can use to substitute various foods and clothing a vegetarian would not be able to make use of. For example there are synthetic materials available to use instead of leather. Many of these materials are just as strong as leather and have been used to produce animal friendly alternatives to motorcycle leathers and other items where leather is used for practical as well as aesthetic purposes. In fact many bikers who have tried motorcycle leathers made from alternative materials argue that in some cases they are more comfortable and offer better protection than traditional motorcycle leathers.

It is possible to live a vegetarian lifestyle and make use of animal friendly products by making relatively few changes to your current lifestyle. Few people realise just how easy the change can be.