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Animal Charities

Animal charities are amongst some of the most popular charitable organisations to give to, particularly in the UK which is well known as a nation of animal lovers. The RSPCA is one of the most well known animal charities operating in the UK and they perform a variety of different roles to further animal welfare and protect them from cruelty. However, although this is the most well known organisation in the UK due to their unmistakable presence which includes members of the organisation that can be called out to incidents involving animals there are also many other popular animal charities operating in the UK too.

There are some very specific animal charities that raise funds for specific animal groups and in many cases animal shelters that look after unwanted and abandoned pets. Many of these animal shelters are operated entirely by volunteers and they often rely on donations as they operate on an entirely non profit basis. Many of these shelters run their own fund raising activities, but many animal charities, particularly those that are specific to their local area will often donate a significant portion of the cash they have raised to these shelters.

If you’re thinking of making some donations to animal charities then you’ll find that many of them, like most charities will run a website where people can make donations with their debit card or sometimes through PayPal. Making use of the internet is often the easiest way to make donations to animal charities.