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pet insurance

Anybody who owns an animal will know how expensive vets’ bills can be. The cost of veterinary care is extremely high, and if you own a particularly accident prone or sickly pet then these costs can mount up. Because of the cost of having your animal treated many owners will opt to buy pet insurance. There are many companies that can offer their customers this specialised type of insurance, including some that specialise exclusively in pet insurance. The cost of your insurance will depended entirely on the type of animal you’re buying cover for. For example, an animal such as a dog that is more likely to get itself into trouble than smaller housebound animals will be more expensive to buy pet insurance for. There are many other factors too that must be taken into consideration when buying pet insurance, for example the age and health of the animal will be taken into account by the insurance firm.

However, pet insurance policies do not necessarily only protect your pet against injury or ill health. Some companies will also offer their customers a policy that will pay out if their animal is lost of stolen. These insurance policies, although they may seem similar to human health insurance at first, actually have more in common with property insurance as treatments must first be paid for and then claimed back from the pet insurance firm.