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Humans have been keeping animals as pets for many thousands of years and the tradition is still very strong today in many parts of the world. There are many different animals that can be kept as pets, although in the Western world most people would usually think of dogs and cats over other animals when discussing their pets. Dogs are especially popular animals to keep as pets with people all over the world that they are capable of forming strong emotional bonds with humans and as a result they are often very loyal. There are also many different breeds of dog and some have been bred specifically to work with humans.

However, for people who live in small houses, or do not have enough free time to adequately look after a dog then they may choose other, less demanding pets. For example, there are many smaller animals that make excellent pets such as hamsters or mice. Many people who do not have a huge amount of free time may choose to own a cat as they are usually extremely independent animals that do not require such a high level of care.

However, all pets, even those that do not require such a high level of care as others must all be looked after properly. Owning an animal is a big commitment and you must be sure you are up to the task before taking ownership.